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EcoTrain 2014

Ambios is delighted to announce a spring program of funded wildlife training and volunteering opportunities in Europe for 2014. Working in partnership with European conservation and ecological research organisations you will experience a unique insight into hands on nature conservation, monitoring and survey work in a European context.

This innovative project has been developed between Ambios and several partner organisations in Europe. It offers volunteers the chance to join a small team of like-minded individuals and gain a European perspective of ecology and environmental conservation projects.

We are now recruiting a for a limited number of placements placements beginning in March 2014.

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Placements are available at the following organisations on the dates indicated:

The Barn Owl FoundationHungary Placements

The Barn Owl Foundation - Rural south Hungary

Gyömrö Centre

4th March to 6th May 2014 (3 Places)
13th May to 27th May 2014 (2 Week placement) (7 Places)

Themes: Barn owl ecology and conservation, maintaining aviaries for rescued barn owls, installation of nest boxes, contributing to educational talks on owl conservation (in English), wetland bird species monitoring and census.

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SEO BirdlifeSpain Placements

SEO Bird life - Ebro delta, Catalunya, NE Spain

Riet Vell Nature Reserve

3rd March to 5th May 3014 (2 Places)
24th March to 26th May 2014 (2 Places)

Themes: On site Wildlife Education activities, wetland management, water quality analysis, bird surveys (including assisting with mist-netting, bird ringing), assisting with public events, estate work, habitat management, scientific monitoring of the fauna, flora and physical parameters.

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The Mammal research InstitutePoland Placements

The Mammal Research Institute - Primeval Forest, Poland

Bialowieza Research Station

10th March to 12th May 2014 (2 places)

Themes: Locating roe deer, bison and wild boar using radio-tracking equipment. Collecting dung samples, analysing location data, ungulate surveys, biomass recording.

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NINANorway Placement

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research



Themes: During your placement you will receive training from NINA staff, carrying out some or all of the following tasks: ecosystem monitoring (climatic parameters, vegetation, herbivore abundance, bird transects), monitoring of arctic fox den sites, collecting and analyses of faeces samples, inputting data into a computer, maintaining the educational farm, participating in activities of environmental education and publicity.

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SPEAPortugal Placements

SPEA - Tyto Tagus Project, Tagus Estuary

Tyto Tagus Project


Themes: Laboratory based barn owl research, Owl census by spotlight car transects in the Tagus Estuary, monitoring road kills and collecting owl carcasses for analysis, data input, collecting and analysing owl pellets, maintaining the educational farm, participating in activities of environmental education and publicity.

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The project is funded under The Leonardo da Vinci programme which is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme. Leonardo Mobility funds overseas placements with the objective of improving Vocational Education and Training across Europe.

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